Indigenous Cultures at UNC Asheville

UNC Asheville has long welcomed Native American and indigenous students to the university. In addition to formalizing our relationship with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and the United South and Eastern Tribes through admission agreements for incoming students from EBCI and USET member tribes, the university is further committed to developing educational programming and research projects for faculty and students in areas such as economic development, environmental sustainability, health and wellness, and language revitalization of indigenous cultures.

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Front of Ramsey Library showing banners for Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ Pride, and Cherokee culture

Land Acknowledgment

UNC Asheville created its land acknowledgment to honor the Anikituwagi, more commonly known as the Cherokee.

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Aerial view of campus quad

Admission Partnership

The Instructional Credit and Admission Agreement reserves enrollment slots for USET members.

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Students on the student life porch

Campus Life

UNC Asheville is a multicultural environment where diverse perspectives are sought out, respected, and empowered.

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